More than 98% of all households do not lock up their medications, and kids from toddlers to teens have easy access to these drugs. Imagine a product that can protect your family members from severe injury or even death.  A product so revolutionary and so smart it unlocks automatically after it recognizes you, and it's FDA Registered!  The Rx DrugSAFE is the only field proven prescription medicine lock box that offers the durability of a steel safe combined with state of the art fingerprint recognition technology.      
Rx DrugSAFE allows you to protect your kids from Toddlers through Teenage and beyond.  Locking up your medications can prevent accidental poisonings and will stop your children and other family members accessing your drugs  and using them illegally or selling them for profit.  The Rx DrugSAFE offers an affordable, convenient and secure means to lock up  your medication, giving you the peace of mind that your drugs are secure and your family is safe!
The RX DrugSafe is durable and built to last.  It features all solid steel construction and can be securely mounted into drawers, closets and cabinets.  It's strong 17 gauge steel construction can withstand hammer blows yet the Rx DrugSAFE is also lightweight and can be used when traveling. 
Solid all steel construction
State of the art fingerprint recognition means that only authorized people have access to your medications.  It also makes the Rx DrugSAFE easy to use with no keys* to lose or PIN  numbers to forget.

* A back up key is provided for emergencies


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Most people use prescription drugs responsibly. However, an estimated 48 million people in the US (ages 12 and older) have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in their lifetimes.  Most disturbing is the abuse and misuse of these drugs by children and adolescents...drugs they obtain freely from the medicine cabinets in their own homes.
State of the art fingerprint security
Are your kids safe?

Gun Deaths 30,000+ per year - Rx Drug Deaths 100,000+....Yet most parents lock up their firearms but not their Drugs!

1 in 5 teens admit to using prescription drugs and over 2,500 try them for the first time every single day.

70% of these drugs are taken from unsuspecting family and friends!

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